Statement of Values

Statement of Values

Corporate Governance

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Statement of Values

Our Values

Our Values support our ability to deliver on our shared purpose. And while our purpose reflects what we do and why we exist, our Values reflect who we are and how we behave. Collectively, our purpose and values are what make our company special. These Values are the bedrock of our culture. What makes them real is our collective actions, decisions and the commitment of our team.

We do the right thing

We earn trust, act with ethics, integrity and transparency, treat everyone with respect, value diversity and foster safe and inclusive environments.

We do what we promise

We own the delivery of results, focused on quality outcomes.

We commit to shared success

We work together to focus on the mission and take accountability for the sustainable success of our people, customers, shareholders, suppliers and communities.

We pioneer

With fierce curiosity, dedication, and innovation, we seek to solve the world’s most challenging problems.